Starting this off

A bit over a year ago I started the Web Ministry Thoughts blog.  Despite the tapering off of the writing I enjoy writing for the blog and plan to continue it.  However, I have found its purpose to be a bit narrow for the types of things I found that I would like to write about: coding, software development, and walking the Christian walk.

Recently, I had to replace the engine in my car and was talking to an ex-student/ex-employee/friend-of-mine about where I was getting my car worked on.  He reviewed the web site and commented to the effect:  “oh no, a car mechanic for Jesus”.  Knowing my friend it was received as the good-natured dig it was intended – he knows well my Christian background.  As I considered what I wanted to call this blog I considered his blog’s name (Martial Coder) and decided I liked the idea of being called a coder (as that’s what I am) and that as such and as a Christian I am a coder coding for Christ.  A bit trite I suppose, but it will accomplish my purposes which hopefully are also Christ’s purposes for my life.


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