Handling Pad Events on the Launchpad Pro

Building from the basic understanding of how to affect the Launchpad Pro pads, the next thing we will be interested in doing is taking an action when a pad is pressed.

The API defines a number of callbacks that we can hook into to do interesting things. The one we’re interested in today is:

void app_surface_event(u8 type, u8 index, u8 value);

Like the hal_plot_led API call, the type parameter is either TYPEPAD or TYPESETUP allowing us to know when the setup button is pressed as opposed to a normal pad. Similarly, the index parameter tells us which pad is pressed (and can be ignored when the type parameter is TYPESETUP).

The last parameter, value, is different. When a pad is initially pressed, the app_surface_event callback is invoked with a value 1-127. When the button is released, the app_surface_event is invoked with a value of 0. You can see this in action with this bit of code:

void app_surface_event(u8 type, u8 index, u8 value)
    hal_plot_led( TYPEPAD, index, value/2, value/2, value/2) ;

It will initially alter the pressed button to be some intensity of white depending on how hard the button was pressed. When the button is released a second event with a value of 0 will be received and the pad will turn off.

It is important to note that without the code above pressing a button has no effect. However, that means we can make it do anything we want it to do… such as sending MIDI data…



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